About SSY
What is SSY?
Siddha Samadhi Yoga is a practice wherein the normal discriminatory function of the intellect ceases. The result is a profound reduction in mental activity within minutes of the practice.One gets a deep level of rest through Samadhi Meditation which is the common prescription for all psychosomatic diseases..There is a quick relief without medicines from chronic diseases such as ... Diabetes, Blood Pressure, Asthma, Arthritis, Insomnia, Acidity, Vertigo, Obesity, Hyper Tension and Heart ailments.
How does it work?
SSY that is Siddha Samadhi Yoga also knowns as Science of Silence yoga, works through the incient principle of Panch-Kosha-Shuddhi.
Annamaya Kosha (Natural Food)
This is about purification process of the physical body. All impurities at all levels finaly manifests in the physical body in the form of a disease. Food must be eaten in its natural or living state. The food we eat must be easily digestible and assimilated into the system without causing an overload to our digestive process. When food is cooked under high temperature and pressure, it looses it's nutritional value and becomes the cause of many illnesses and sickness due to the longer time it takes for the body to digest the cooked food consumed.This is avoided, when one eats raw vegetables and fruits in their natural form. The goodness of the food is easily assimilated into the system when they are consumed in their natural form and so gets digested very fast by the system and does not take more energy from the body for the process of digestion. The food groups that can provide us with the highest possible biological value falls into four categories - fruits, vegetables, nuts and seeds in sprouted forms. For optimum health, restricting our diet to these four categories is a great help.
Pranamaya Kosha (Pranayama)
This is about the cleansing of the "Life Force Body". 'Prana' is aliveness and disease means lack of life force or 'aliveness'. Pranayam rejuvenates the body and generates fresh energy. Normally, we use only 15-20% of our lung's capacity. But when one does Pranayam, this increases enormously.Our breathing becomes deep, slow and stable, resulting in the increase of life span. The Pranayam that is taught here, teaches the technique of directing the life force (Pranic energy) to various parts of the body. The effect of this technique can be felt immediately. After learning this, one can become their own doctor.
Manomaya Kosha (Meditation)
Meditation (Samadhi Yoga) is a scientific, systematic technique to improve body, mind, and intellect to realize the unity in diversity.Samadhi yoga is a purely Vedic technique. It has been enunciated in all the Upanishads. It is the highest and the simplest technique (rather, non- technique) for spontaneously realizing life as bliss itself.
Some of the other advantages of samadhi practice (meditation as taught in SSY)
  • It is a very effective prescription to all chronic diseases like asthma, arthritis, epilepsy, hypertension,low blood pressure, diabetes, nervousness, paralysis etc.
  • It enhances creativity and intelligence.
  • It throws out all impurities from the mind and body.
  • It improves the memory power and concentration.
Vigyanmaya Kosha (Intellectual body)
This is about purifying the intellectual Body. This is subtler than mind body. The dissolution of the ego occurs after this process. Ego creates tremendous stress on a person. Knowing what to hold in the mind, will strengthen it's power. Discriminating between that which is truthful, against that which will make it appear truthful clears the mind of tension. Most people have been conditioned into believing and acting from wrong knowledge.This ultimately hurts and imprisons them and others & results in the feeling of loss of freedom and bounded ness When one experiences the unbounded ness of the self, they feel very free, joyous and their own expansiveness. They realize their capacity to be able to do anything they want to do. The discriminatory function of the intellect ceases and one feels mental peace and quietness
Anandamaya Kosha
This is about the purification process of the "Joyful Mind". This is the body of egolessness. All problems ultimately start with ego- separating oneself from others and making oneself important over others.When one is given Brahmagnana through Brahmopadesa - realising one's innate self as god and gaining unity with everything around them happens easily.This process also includes playing funclub with everyone, seeing them as the child of god.

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